{My Crochet Hook Case}

Hello everyone!

Today I've been working on a crocheted hook case. If you've gone back in my posts, you'll know that I've featured a few before. But I just couldn't find one that fit my needs, so I created one of my own!

Well, what do you think?

There's a place for my J, I, H, and two G hooks, scraps (if I'm on the go and there's no trashcan nearby, I can store them here until I get home), scissors, and my needle for sewing in ends.

Here it is, all rolled up and pretty...

Next time, I'll be sharing the cutest amigurumi pattern, so stay tuned!


{A Square A Day In May}

Hey all,

I just joined in on a Crochet-A-Long for the month of May! Hooked On Handmade is hosting it and it looks like a wonderful project! Join in for yourself here!


{Yarn Giveaway!!}

Hello all,

Today I have something super awesome to share! A yarn giveaway! What's better than yarn?
Head on over to Knit Purl Girl and enter! Find it here!


{My Favorite Flower of all Time}

Today I'm sharing with you my absolute favorite flower ever!

Isn't it pretty!? I used the flower pattern here & a simple center:

Chain 2

Make eight SC in second chain from hook. DO NOT JOIN

SC in the next seven SC. Skip 1 single crochet, Slip Stitch in next SC.

Super simple!

You can use these flowers to accent almost anything!

I hope you're having a wonderful day!


{Flower in the Center Pentagon}

I've just written up a new pattern! The Flower in the Center Pentagon can be used for all sorts of things. Afghans, purses, placemats, the list goes on and on!
I was searching around the internet for a neat hexagon pattern and I just couldn't find one that I really liked. So I came up with one! I hope you enjoy!
Stitches used:
Double crochet
Single crochet
Slip Stitch
DC2TOG--YO, go into the stitch specified and draw up a loop (three loops on hook), YO and draw through two loops, YO, go into the stitch specified and draw up a loop (four loops on hook), YO, and draw through two loops, YO and draw through three loops
Start out with a chain of seven joined w/ a slip stitch to make a ring.
Chain two, DC into ring, chain one. *DC2TOG, chain 1* repeat fron *to* eight more times for a grand total of 10 chain spaces. Slip Stitch to beginning stitch.
Slip stitch to next chain space, chain two, do seven double crochets in same chain space, single crochet in next chain space. *In next chain space do 7 double crochets, in next chain space do one single crochet* repeat from *to* around. Slip stitch in top of first double crochet.
Fasten off, join in new color in the third stitch of one of your seven double crochet shells.
Chain 1, do one single crochet in same space. Do three single crochets in next stitch, do one single crochet in next stitch. Chain 4, skip 5 stitches and single crochet in third stitch stitch of your double crochet shell. Repeat this process around (One single crochet in third stitch of double crochet shell, three sc in next stitch one sc in next stitch, chain 4, skip five stitches).
Slip stitch to beginning SC.
Chain two. DC in same stitch, DC in next stitch, DC chain 1 DC in next SC, single crochet in next single crochet. Six DC in chain space. *DC in next two stitches, DC chain 1 DC in next stitch, DC in next two stitches. Six DC in chain space* repeat from *to* around. Fasten off.
The next two rows are so easy, I won't write them out in crochet speak. All you do is double crochet down the sides and put *DC, chain 1, DC* in the chain spaces. Then join to your first stitch.
The last row is super-dee-duper easy. Just single crochet down the sides and put three single crochets in the corners. Yep, that's easy. Fasten off.
Weave in ends.
And you're done!
Be sure to let me know if there is anything you're confused with!
I'll be adding this pattern to Ravelry soon so you can post your projects!
Thanks for stopping by!


{New Etsy Item!!}

I just posted a new item in my Etsy shop! The cutest little baby booties ever! Be sure to go by and check them out!

{Crocheted Cupcakes}


I found this pattern last night and I just have to share it! Are you ready? Crocheted Cupcakes!

I love the colors she used and all the "sprinkles." SO creative! Find it here


{Half Granny Shawl}

You guys must take a peek at this cute shawl resembling what Ma Ingalls wore on the little house on the prairie shows. I love it! Find it here


{My two new projects}

Thanks for all your kind comments on my previous post!

In the past few days, I've started making two new baby blankets.

The first one:

I just started this one about an hour ago, It's the Chromium Star Blanket by the Kidney Bean. I'm really enjoying it so far, and I can't wait to see how it turns out!

The second one:

This is the Little V-Stitch baby blanket by Lion Brand. It's super quick and fun. I'm almost finished with this one. I just need to add the border, which as you can see, I've started.

What do you think of my latest projects?

I'm hoping your having a wonderful day!


{Big Granny Baby Blanket--Finished!}

Hey all!
The big granny baby blanket is finally finished! Woo-Hoo! :) I'll let the pictures tell the story:

Well, what do you think? I know I love it!
I ended up doing a reverse single crochet border. Thanks to Mary Grace for suggesting that! I absolutely love it!
It ended up measuring about 25 inches, perfect for the crib or whatever.....
Hoping you are having a great day!