Hey all!

Just wanted to give you a peek at my newest KNITTING pattern!
I know.
I'm a little crazy...

Anyway, take a look!


The shape of this bag reminded me of a tulip, hence the name.
This gorgeous bag features the timeless craft of the log cabin quilt square, however, combining it with the modern trend of the chevron pattern. It’s the perfect pattern to use up all those little bits of yarn that you can’t let yourself throw away because well there’s got to be some use for them. Dive into your stash, pull out some pretty colors and get to work!
This bag is not, in any way shape or form, worked in the round. It’s all worked flat, which makes it a great beginner pattern.It’s a simple pattern, without a single purl stitch. It is a great starter pattern because it will give you plenty of time to practice your knit stitch and correct your tension, as well as practice with decreasing and increasing, and picking up stitches. It also gives you a wonderful oppurtunity to play with color that you may already have in your stash! And for you experts out there, it’s a super simple, mindless, tv-watching, carry-on-a-conversation pattern.
So if by any chance you knit, head over HERE and give a little look-see!
By the way, this is an AWESOME beginner pattern! So if you want to learn, this is the perfect place to start!
Grace Ann