Saturday, March 8, 2014

Death by yarn

Get it? Cause I'm dying. But I'm die-ing? Wow, aren't I clever?

It all started when I bought a set of Wilton's food dye to experiment with. I had been using kool aid and was looking for an alternative. Don't get me wrong, kool aid is great, but it lacked the black and browns I was needing. And let me tell you, black is INVALUABLE when it comes to dying. Add it to blue to get navy or obviously just use it on its own. So fun.

Anywho, these skeins were inspired by yarn I saw (and splurged on) about a year ago on vacation in a LYS I frequent when I'm there. Manos Del Uruguay Alegria. Look it up in Ravelry when you have the time. I bought the two brightest skeins there and I have yet to make something with them. They're just so pretty. So expensive. Ahem.

But I figured why not give it a shot myself? The results are perfection my friends. Take a peek-

Turned out fairly well ya think? Seriously, if you haven't tried dying, you must. It's so much fun. Now I'm trying to decide if I should keep or sell them. It's too much yarn for me to knit up but it's just. so. pretty. 

Tuesday, February 4, 2014

Hey you there. Yeah you. Want a free pattern?

Hey guys!
Want to treat yourself to a free pattern for Valentine's day? We all know patterns are better than chocolate anyway...
Put two patterns in your cart, use the coupon code ValentineHeartB1G1 at checkout in my Ravelry Store and you only pay for one of them! Nifty right?
This promotion ends on February 14th at 11:59 pm EST.

Monday, January 13, 2014


You know all those beautiful variegated yarns that you have? You know the ones. You saw them at your LYS and bought it. Hey, it's only 15 bucks. Why not right? 
Or maybe you're a dyer. You've dyed single skeins that are never enough to actually make something.
Take a peek at my dilemma...
Certainly is a pretty dilemma. I need to make a pattern that uses all that without looking like a gaudy sweater from the 80's. Hm.

Friday, January 10, 2014

I'm back!

Hello friends. Been a while, remember me? I've decided to come back to blogging. I miss it, I really do. So! What have I been up to lately? Well...

Ive become fascinated with knitting. I started this blog with the love of crochet overwhelming my world. But now I'm just loving knitting. I still crochet, and it's a great source of comfort, but when I need a new challenge, I look to knitting.

I've put out another pattern to my ravelry store. It's called Honeypot and it's an adorable little knitted bag inspired by the beekeeper's quilt. Speaking of...

I've started a beekeeper's quilt of my very own using a bunch of my own hand dyed mini skeins. It's become an absolute obsession. I just sit down with my honeypot bag, maybe a nice Hallmark movie playing on the tv, and knit and knit and have a bunch of cute hexi's when I'm done. Love.

I'm also working on another new pattern for a knitted shawlette made of sock yarn. It has a section of garter stitch and a section of stockinette with a gentle ruffle. Stunning. Cannot wait to put it out! 

So. What am I working on right now you ask? Well, the above. As well as a crocodile stitch crochet scarf/cowl/wrap inspired by this photo (found via Pinterest)

Isn't it just beautiful? As soon as I saw it I knew I absolutely needed it in my life. I wanted to make it out of tiny yarn. It's going to take ages but it's going to be so lovely. Here's what I have so far:

In love with it. So soothing to make as well. Perfection. 
So that's what's been happening! I've discovered the oh so helpful blogger app. So now I can blog anywhere! Yay!

Monday, August 26, 2013

~Bye for Now~

Hey everyone,

So I've reached a decision. It hasn't come easily but, I believe that for now, my blog is going to have to take a break. I've realized that if it can't have my full attention, it's not something I want to keep running. I have a lot on my plate at the moment in my life, and my blog just isn't something that needs to take top priority.
But not to worry, I will keep my blog up as well as all my free patterns. I DO still plan on designing patterns in my Ravelry store, so keep an eye out there.
I may come back soon, but for now, I just need a break. :)
I'm so sorry for this guys, and I hope you understand. This blog has become so much bigger than I ever thought that it would, thank you for that! :)
Bye for now,
Grace Ann

Saturday, August 3, 2013


Hey all!

Just wanted to give you a peek at my newest KNITTING pattern!
I know.
I'm a little crazy...

Anyway, take a look!


The shape of this bag reminded me of a tulip, hence the name.
This gorgeous bag features the timeless craft of the log cabin quilt square, however, combining it with the modern trend of the chevron pattern. It’s the perfect pattern to use up all those little bits of yarn that you can’t let yourself throw away because well there’s got to be some use for them. Dive into your stash, pull out some pretty colors and get to work!
This bag is not, in any way shape or form, worked in the round. It’s all worked flat, which makes it a great beginner pattern.It’s a simple pattern, without a single purl stitch. It is a great starter pattern because it will give you plenty of time to practice your knit stitch and correct your tension, as well as practice with decreasing and increasing, and picking up stitches. It also gives you a wonderful oppurtunity to play with color that you may already have in your stash! And for you experts out there, it’s a super simple, mindless, tv-watching, carry-on-a-conversation pattern.
So if by any chance you knit, head over HERE and give a little look-see!
By the way, this is an AWESOME beginner pattern! So if you want to learn, this is the perfect place to start!
Grace Ann