{Yarn Rosettes}

Are you tired of throwing out those yarn clippings from after you weave in your ends? I know I am! When I think about it, I've probably thrown out the equivalent of one whole skein of Red Heart or Simply Soft over my years of crocheting! Well here's a wonderful way to use up your longer threads..... yarn rosettes! You could also use embroidery floss, twine, fabric strips or doily thread. Check out the tut here


{Butterfly Motif}

How cute! Imagine this on earings, in a corner of a baby blanket, in embroidery floss on a headband, or even in scrapbooking! Go on over and check out the pattern.


{Ripple Baby Blanket}

I came across the wonderful new blog The Crafty Flamingo last night and just had to share some of her adorable patterns! 

Ripple blanket for Sky
A ripple baby blanket...
A nook case...
A baby bib....

And much more!

So go on over and check her out!


{Big Red Roses}

Today I'm sharing the most beautiful rose pattern! Isn't it pretty?! Can you imagine this on a headband or purse? Or as a brooch? Gorgeous! Find it here.


{Phone-y Turtleneck Sweater (Phone Cozy)}

Today I want to share with you the cutest little phone cozy! It's so adorable! It looks like it's knitted if you work in the BLs. I must whip up a few! Find this scrumpious pattern here.


{Granny Basket}

Head on over to Pickles to find the pattern for this cute granny-style basket! I may have to make a trip to Wal-mart to get some chunky yarn to make one! Check it out!


{Ripples And Shells Blankie}

I'm in a blanket mood lately. Could you tell? Well, I've got another great pattern. So unique! I've never seen anything like this before! Check it out!


{Corner Granny Square Afghan}

Hello all!
If you like granny squares as much as I do, today is your day. I'm featuring the Corner Granny Afghan by Lion Brand. Amazing! I never thought of doing this! What a fun twist on the traditional granny square! Find this patern here


A dishcloth and a Lipgloss holder!

Wow, it's been forever! I'm sorry for my extreme lack of posting!

Well, in my last post I had a picture of a pool of color, and it was pretty obvious that it was yarn. Too obvious. I really should work on my photography skills....
Anyway, What did I turn that yarn into? Three lipgloss holders. Made from this pattern. They are litterally too cute.
It's been a while since I've featured anything. So today I'm going to share with you my absolute favorite dishcloth pattern of all time. Voila!
This dishcloth litterally takes 15-20 minutes to make and it is too cute! Find this awesome pattern here. Now you've got two new patterns to try out today. I know you'll love them just as much as I do.
Thanks for stopping in!

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