{My Crochet Hook Case}

Hello everyone!

Today I've been working on a crocheted hook case. If you've gone back in my posts, you'll know that I've featured a few before. But I just couldn't find one that fit my needs, so I created one of my own!

Well, what do you think?

There's a place for my J, I, H, and two G hooks, scraps (if I'm on the go and there's no trashcan nearby, I can store them here until I get home), scissors, and my needle for sewing in ends.

Here it is, all rolled up and pretty...

Next time, I'll be sharing the cutest amigurumi pattern, so stay tuned!


  1. Thats so cute. I"ve been making them off and on trying to find my perfect fit but I've never thought of a pocket for the scraps. They always end up back in my pocket or yarn bag.

  2. I love this! Too, too cute!

  3. how fantastic! just wondering if you were able to share a pattern for this?

  4. Karyn--I'm thinking about writing up the pattern. Keep checking back!

  5. I been looking and all your work is so well finished.

  6. Una idea muy buena para guardar los ganchillos.
    Un saludo.

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  8. I think my mom needs one of these. Just in time for x mas.


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