Yarn, Yarn, and more Yarn!!

Hey bloggers!

This past weekend was spent dying yarn! How fun! And with beautiful results!!

Check this out:

Love. it. I mean seriously, how could you not want to dive into your computer right now? Lucky for you, you can (well, maybe not litterally)! I'm going to be posting these skeins in my Etsy Shop later today! Yep, that means you can own the above yarn!

Bye for now!
Grace Ann

***UPDATE: Find the yarn over here!***


  1. I want to learn to dye yarn! I can't wait to look into it when I get home from Afghanistan!

    <3 Jenn

  2. I wish I dyed yarn. It is driving me crazy that I can not find just one skein of light pink white and red ughhhh. But oh my I am loving the colors you have there LOL

  3. Oh my! Gorgeous! Those hanks look good enough to eat! If only I had a new project that needed yarn...but I must use up what I have first!


  4. So beautiful it almost looks edible!


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