My Current Knits...

Hey wonderful readers!
Well, as I mentioned last time, I'm enjoying knitting lately. I hopped on Ravelry one day and saw the Beekeepers Quilt... I nearly fainted... look at this!

Mmmm, yummy!
So, after a bit of mental debating, I bought the pattern and got to work right away.

Maybe not right away.

There was of course the "Learning to knit" thing to tackle first.

Luckily I have a very limited amount of knitting experience. I sort of knew how to cast on and do the knit stitch. So, I awkwardly casted on 20 stitches. It took me a few tries to get it loose enough so I could spread them over two needles, but eventually, I figured that out.
Then there was the knitting in rounds problem and the increasing problem and the decreasing problem and the abbreviation problem and.... you get the picture.
But good old google prevailed again.

What's that? You want to see my puffs? Well, I suppose...

After a few trial and error sessions, I was up and running. Making hexagons left and right. No, they are by no means perfect. Some of them don't even have sides of the same length. But, I'm knitting cute little puffs of goodness. ♥

Well, that's it for today! :)
I hope you have an absolutely perfect day!
Grace Ann


  1. This looks great? I'm a beginner knitter, is this a doable project for a newbie? Also, would you be able to share the pattern? Thanks heaps!

  2. ...Wow! I am in awe of your flexibilty in crafts!
    I have never learned how to properly crochet, and knitting seemed so complicated that it immediately scared me off. Now, I'm inspired to dig my needles out of the dust pile!

  3. I love this. I can't knit, I wonder if u could crochet one.. It's gorgeous.

  4. Wow, you must really want to make this! That is going to look soo amazing!

  5. They look great!!! This is exactly like me, the knitted ones are just so much more cute and squishy. Can't wait to watch your progress are you going to make a blanket?? xx

  6. I loved this pattern the second I saw it too & have been churning out hexipuffs ever since.

    I love yours in the cheery solid colors! Its going to be beautiful.


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