Blogging Tips and Tricks

Hey bloggers!

Alright, so I wouldn't consider myself a super famous blogger, but I certainly am proud of how far I've come. Since starting this blog almost 3 years ago, it has blossomed in ways I never imagined!
So I'm going to share some tricks that I've found have brought me new followers and tons of pageviews.

♥ Pictures! Let's face it, when you're scrolling through your blogger dashboard for new posts, you end up clicking on the ones with attractive and colorful pictures! Which is why I try to add effects (brightening is my fav!) to my pics to make them more appealing. Aim for at LEAST 1 picture per post.
♥ Link parties! There are plenty of link parties out there. Especially on blogs with tons of followers! Just make sure you choose the BEST pic in your post as your picture on the link list.
♥ A neat background! Okay, I'm obssesed with this step. Either go into your blogger template tab and change it, or there are plenty of sites with free backgrounds. My favorite is:
The Cutest Blog on the Block
It's super simple to add your favorite from one of these sites into your own blog to make it more appealing.
♥ Leave comments! On other's blogs. Also, leave your blog name right below your comment as a sign off, so that whoever is recieving the comment can visit easily. If you're just building your blog, aim for a comment a day on a different blog each day.
♥ Create Patterns! I understand not everyone is cool with this, but if you can come up with a really neat design, and post it on Ravelry, let me tell you, it works wonders!
♥ Submit to be featured! Many blogs have an option to submit to be featured. This can lead to increased pageviews and followers.
♥ Keep ads to a minimum. Unless you're blogging specifically for cash, ads are NOT attractive. They are, at the very least, annoying.
♥ Make sure you post things people want to see. Unless you are using your blog as a diary of sorts, be sure to spice up your posts and vary them to keep people interested.
♥ Try to be consistent. I know, I know, I'm literally the WORST at this, but I'm working on it! And you should too! :)

I think that's everything! And since, I myself said every post needs a picture, I'll just be random here...

Isn't that cool?! Eep! No, I did not do this myself, but now that I mention it, I really should. My trees better watch out... ;)
Grace Ann


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