The Collette Scarf-FREE Pattern!

Hello loves!

Here's the pattern I spoke of a few days ago. It's a tapered scarf with a ruffle edge, and I must say, I'm fully and completely in love with it! Here's a few pics....






I used worsted weight yarn and a G hook.

Ch 203
DC in 4th chain from hook, 1dc in next chain. *2dc in next, 1dc in next* across.

Ch 3, dc in same stitch, 2dc in each stitch across.

Finish off.
Ruffle finished!

Now working on the other side of the chain, starting with the first chain space, join yarn with a slip stitch, chain 1, and SC in same stitch. Then SC in next 7 sts. Work a decrease, then SC in next 8 sts, and so on. You should end with a decrease. Finish Off. This helps the scarf "swoop" into a gentle dip.

Alrighty, now you'll want to mark the 60th SC in from each edge. Does that make sense? You're sort of deviding into thirds (not exactly, the center 'section' will be larger than the side sections). If you need clarification, just let me know!

Then, Join your yarn back into the 61st stitch (right after your marked stitch), and SC across to the stitch right next to your other stitch marker. Leave the remaining stitches unworked (for now!). You just single crocheted within your center section. Remove your markers, they aren't needed anymore :)

Now Chain 1, turn, and SC down the stitches you just worked. Except when you come to the end, don't turn just yet. You're going to pick up a few of your unworked stitches. Go ahead and SC in the next 6 available SCs from your decrease row. You're 'jumping' down a couple rows to reach these stitches. THEN chain 1 and turn, SC down until you can't anymore, then pick up 6 unworked sts. Ch 1, turn, and repeat again, and again, and again until you don't have any more to pick up. :) And you're finished! Ta-Da! You can also throw in a couple times of picking up 8 sts on each side to make the scarf slightly thinner. If that's the look you're going for, try it out. You're stitch count is going to turn out different, but if you improvise a bit, it all works out! :)

Here's a graphic to help you get the mental "picture" of what we're doing. Once you can imagine what you're doing, the pattern is super easy.

See? Essentially, we've built our base, and we're going back and forth, adding stitches with each pass, until we have no more stitches to add.

That's it! Hope that was somewhat clear!
Enjoy, and let me know if you have questions!

PS. You are welcome to sell what you make, just don't sell the pattern itself. Thanks!


  1. This is so, so pretty!! I'm going to start this right away!! I don't understand the part about picking up stitches, but will probably see what you mean when I get there!! (That happens a lot with me and crochet patterns!! lol!!) Thank you so much for sharing this one, I love it!! :)

    1. Wonderful! Yes, it's much easier to see when you're actually working it! :) Let me know if you have any problems!

  2. I made one yesterday and it turned out great. It is fun to make and I will probably make another. Thanks for this pattern!

  3. Great scarf pattern and all the others I took a peek at ~ thank you for sharing! Can't wait to make some of your patterns and now I am following your blog for all future posts ~ thank you again!

  4. Do you have an idea how much yarn you used for your version? Even if people make alterations, it helps :) And thanks so much for sharing!!!!!


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