My Pipistrelle Bag

Hey everyone!

A while back, I did a bag round-up. One of the patterns I featured was the "Pipistrelle Handbag". Well, I really wanted to make one, but all I had was worsted weight yarn. No DK, and no chunky. Why? No idea.
Anywho, when I was in Michaels yesterday, I saw their wonderful selection of chunky yarn that was on sale for $2.49. Bingo!
So, I was looking through the neutrals, which is what I typically use for bags (So they go with multiple outfits) and I literally almost picked up a pretty cream color. But then I saw this lovely fushia... and it totally and completely captivated me. I figured since it was a pretty simple bag, I could use a bright color without it looking too 'out there'.

As soon as I got home, I got right to work. And finished it this afternoon! Amazing how fast chunky yarn works up.

And how pretty is this?!

I love how the bottom of the bag is kind of tapered. Adds such lovely shaping and a great look.

And of course I needed a button. So, I went searching for the perfect one. Two stores later, the perfect button was found. Oh what I do for the perfect look....

So there's my bag! And I absolutely love it!
Have a wonderful day!
♥Grace Ann♥


  1. I love it - it's so pretty - and you know I love the color. :)

  2. Very nice! When the handles are crocheted off the bag like that, do the inside corners get stressed and tear?

  3. Beautiful bag! Love, love, love the color. Thanks for sharing!

  4. Hello.. I am Shari your new follower. I must say this is very nice bag!! Loving the button!!

  5. Love the bag and the color! The button is very charming!!! Love your blog!!


  6. i love your blog.just awarded you a sunshine award.

  7. Beautiful bag! the button looks great! could you share the pattern please?

  8. Beautiful bag! the button looks great! could you share the pattern please?


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