New Poll

Hey guys!

I've just put up a poll :) If you wouldn't mind voting, that would be awesome! I did this to see what audience I was attracting. You would think crochet, but I've gotten plenty of comments from knitters, sewers, and papercrafters as well.
So, if you wouldn't mind, could just click on your fave craft? I would so appreciate it!
Thanks bloggers!
Grace Ann

Edited to add: Thanks to all you voters! I'll be sure to add more options next time!!! :)


  1. I'd love to participate, but there's no appropriate answer for me! My answer would be, depending on what I want to make, each one is my favorite! I do them all!


  2. I like polls! ...and voted! I am a crocheter. I tried knitting and just didn't enjoy it. Paper crafting can be fun, but I find I can't stick to it. And I haven't tried the sewing machine yet...might one of these days.

  3. I clicked on knit but it was crochet or knit tossup.

  4. Entered the poll, choosing crochet, but you didn't give nearly anough choices! What about cross stitch, needlepoint, felt, plastic canvas .....

  5. I chose sewing, but really knitting and sewing would be tied. Oh, and beading, and woodwork follow closely behind. It goes by season really.

  6. hi, i'm monica from italy, sorry for my english. Great great great blog, il really like'd it, colorful and wonderful tutorial. I surely try to crochet some of your things.


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