Tuesday, July 16, 2013

Don't ya just love coupon codes?

So it's been a while.

Too long....

Waaaaayyyy too long.

Wil you please forgive me?

You will?

Aw shucks..... *blushes*

For those of you who still read my blog, I have a super duper SPECIAL COUPON CODE!
Only for my loyal readers and NO ONE else!

Hop on over here, pick yourself out a pattern or two, and use the coupon code WYLYWT30 to get 30% off of your purchase!

That means:
My $4 patterns will be $2.80
And my $3 pattern will be $2.10

A steal!
 But here's the catch, only the first 20 of you get this deal! So hurry up peeps!
This code is valid until July 31st, OR until the 20 uses are fulfilled.

Here are a couple of the patterns I have for sale in my Ravelry Store:

Bownita-A cute accent bow to use for hair, or home decor. Also comes with a worsted weight pattern. $3 or, with discount, $2.10

Patches-Fingering weight squares that are adorable and fun to make. Easily adaptable instructions. $4 or, with discount, $2.80.

Bowtie Pillow-The classy way to decorate your home. $4 or, with discount, $2.80.
I plan to be posting a lot more in the next few weeks, so keep a look out!

Grace Ann

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  1. Hi GraceAnn! Thanks so much for your comment on my cotton dyeing! I am very excited to see how long my cotton hangs on to the color, so I am crocheting washcloths with it since they get washed a lot and will tell the tale quickly! I love your tiny pot holders too! That is my favorite thing to make with scrap cotton yarn, but I never thought to make little ones. They would be perfect coasters for this hot weather when all our cold drink glasses are sweating!



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